Frequently Asked Questions


At the Venue

Please note that Birdland is proud to offer two levels since July 2018!

Our Ground Level is called The Birdland Jazz Club and offers sets at  7:00pm and 9:30pm.

(Additional 5pm Sets Friday – Sunday Only)

Our Lower Level is called The Birdland Theater and offers sets at 8:30pm.

Both Levels have a full service Dinner Menu and Bar.

Are Children under 21 Allowed?

  • Of course! We accept all ages at Birdland, as long as they can behave accordingly in a concert environment.

Is there a dress code?

  • We like to say “A Relaxed Business Casual” but we don’t turn anyone away.

Do you seat incomplete parties?

  • Yes we do! Just make sure you give the last name of the person listed on the reservation. For example: “I’m sitting with Smith party of 6” We will then take you to a table for 6.

What if I Arrive after a show begins? Do you allow late seating?

  • Not to worry! Late seating is allowed. When you purchase a ticket(s), a table will be saved for your party even after the show starts. It will just depend on where, as we offer first come first served seating.

Is there an option to pick my table?

  • Birdland does not offer assigned seating. However, your ticket order guarantees seating for you and your party. Seating requests are honored on a first come, first served basis; those who arrive first will have more seating options.

What is the best time to arrive before a performance?

  • Patrons may arrive any time after doors open for their scheduled event; which could be anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes prior to show time. The door time for a performance is listed on its specific event page. If you arrive before the given door time, you may be asked to wait outside in line.

How do I get to the lower level? Is there an elevator available?

  • Not to worry, elevator access is available! Please alert the host stand needed and they will escort you to the elevator.

How long are the shows?

  • Each show lasts for about 75 to 90 minutes give or take.

Do you accept credit cards?

  • We accept all major credit cards!

Is there parking close by? Do you validate?

  • Across the street located at 332 W 44th St. is Edison Parkfast. Unfortunately, we no longer offer parking validation.

Need a videographer?

  • Our Resident Videographer Eric Alexander is available!
  • Call (917) 373-8505 or e-mail him at for a quote today!




Please note that there is an additional $20 food or drink minimum per person, per show.

What type of food do you serve?

  • Since Birdland has 2 levels, each floor has it’s own distinct menu. In our Ground Level called The Jazz Club, we offer a Southern menu with a Cajun flair.
  • In our lower level called The Birdland Theater, we offer an Italian Fare menu. For a list of complete menu items click on our Dinner Menu tab.

I just purchased a ticket. Do I have to make a dinner reservation?

  • A dinner reservation is included in your ticket! Once the doors are open for a specific show, dinner is being served. Once you are seated, you may order any time with your server.

Can you eat during a performance?

  • Of course! Dinner is served continuously throughout the night in both levels. You can eat any time after the doors open for your scheduled performance.

What are your menu prices?

  • Our menu prices are subject to change. Therefore, we do not list them on our website. Starters, Salads and Sandwiches range from $10.00-$19.00. Entrees range from $20.00-$32.00

Are you vegan and vegetarian friendly?

  • Yes! We do offer vegan and vegetarian options. Please inform your server of your dietary needs. Specific menu items can be made vegetarian/vegan upon request.



Please note that our ticketing provider is called: Eventbrite. Birdland does not have its own ticketing service.

Does a ticket for one show get you in to all?

  • Each set is ticketed separately and has a separate seating. Please purchase tickets for each individual set time you would like to attend. There is an additional $20 food or drink minimum per person, per show.

My confirmation e-mail says “will call”. Do I have to pick up a ticket before the show?

  • Birdland does not offer physical tickets. All you need is your confirmation e-mail shown on your smart phone or printed to enter. If you don’t have that, a last name will do just fine. You may arrive any time after doors open.

Do I need my photo ID and credit card I purchased with to enter?

  • No you don’t! All we need is your confirmation e-mail either printed or shown on a smartphone. If you don’t have that, a last name will do just fine.

How can I buy a ticket for someone else?

  • During checkout, enter the name of the person you are purchasing for and enter your credit card information when prompted. You may either forward them a confirmation e-mail sent to you, or enter theirs in the e-mail field. The credit card or Photo ID of the buyer is not needed.

How Much Are Tickets?

  • The price of the ticket, or music charge, is anywhere between $25 and $50 before fees, depending on the show and the chosen ticket type. There is an additional $20 food or drink minimum per person. If ordering via phone or e-mail, there is an additional two dollar handling fee per ticket.

I want to come with a group of people. How can I ensure we are seated together?

  • The easiest way, is to purchase tickets on our website for the amount of people in your party. We will give you a table for the number of people you purchased for.
  • If you bought tickets separately, please alert the club. The best way to do this is by e-mailing with the last names of the parties sitting together. For Example: Smith – 2, Johnson – 4 etc.

I have group larger than 10 people. How can I purchase tickets?

  • This can be done on the website! Please purchase as many tickets you need in groups of 10 under the same name. We will then have a section ready for your party on the day of the performance.